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Re: New News Group

>       I suggest somthing like sci. paleo. for paleo in general.  Then 
> latter on if there are enough messages, we can break it down into various 
> aspects of Paleontology.

I agree.  sci.palaeo.dinosaur is far too specific to start with.  I am
insterested in more than just dinosaur fossils.  The hierachy is also 
quite valid as the field of palaeontology doesn't fit completely under
any existing heading.

Of course this will inexorably cause the following two situations,

There will be the weekly posts of 'Where is the dinosaur group, I 
think we should create on, there must be lots of people interested in 
dino's :-) :-) :-)' posts by people who don't know what palaeontology

It does however keep the rif-raf out.  This is the same situation as 
rec.music.bluenote.  Every couple of weeks someoen will wonder where 
the jazz newsgroup is.  It's like a test.  If they don't know enough
to understand what 'bluenote' means they don't know enough about 
jazz to contribute.  A bit elitist but there you go.

The second situation will be the inevitable huge flamewar over the 
spelling of sci.palaeo.

I predict that some of us will vociferously argue for palaeo, while 
the people who would have paleo won't really care either way.

So, let's avoid any further unpleasantness and use palaeo from 
now on.

--- Derek