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Book Recommendations

Each year The Dinosaur Society releases its list of Top Ten Dinosaur
Books. For 1993, the list includes four for children: Top Winner:
Dougal Dixon's Dinosaurs. Other children's book winners were:
_Glow in the Dark Book of Dinosaur Skeletons_ by Annie Ingle;
_Triceratops: On the Trail of the Incredible Armored Dinosaur_ by
William Lindsay; and _The Visual Dictionary of Dinosaurs_ (no author
noted; published by Dorling Kindersley). The adult top winner was
_The Quest for the African Dinosaurs_ by Louis Jacobs.

My personal favorite for younger readers is _The News About
Dinosaurs_ by Patricia Lauber. It has an excellent selection of
dinosaur art by many of the top artists (Gregory Paul, Douglas
Henderson, Mark Hallett, John Gurche, Joyce Powzyk, Eleanor Kish,
Bob Bakker). I'd place the target audience of this book from
about 5-8 years old, although the pictures are so fascinating that
they're worth a thousand words on any age level, and it also makes
a great way for parents to interact with the kids. _Dougal Dixon's
Dinosaurs_ would be for older elementary school students and possibly
a contender for middle school readers.

Thom Holmes, editor of _The Dino Times_ (a newspaper for children;
recommended for 4 year olds) is a subscriber to this list.
Thom, would it be possible to get a list of book winners (both
children and adult) for previous years?

Also, I'd like to recommend that the FAQ being prepared for this list
include information about resources for children, such as the
list of top children's books from the Society mentioned above,
and resources for educators.

----- Amado Narvaez