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Re: Cope's 1991-1994 world tour

> >Then officials at the museum and the National Academy of Sciences
> >found out about the skull's travels.
> >
> >''What they've done is abhorrent,'' said Ted Daeschler, a collections manager
> >at the academy. ''There is a code among scientists about handling borrowed
> >specimens, and there is a respectful protocol for handling human skeletal
> >remains.''
> This is interesting since the Academy has sent out fliers titillating
> us with the information that Cope was one of Psihoyos' travelling
> companions while he was putting together the book, and that we should
> go to hear him speak in order to find out the whole story.  I'm
> planning to go to his talk (which I think is during the first week of
> November).  If anybody has any questions they might like me to direct
> to him (about dinosaurs, not Cope!), please let me know.

They can't be too ticked off, because, anyone who works in the
collections/preperations knows (this is a secret!!! :) :) ) that's not Cope's

The actual Cope skull is in a box someplace in a few pieces. As far I I
know, someone grabbed the wrong skull, and when the intentions were
discoved, no one bothered to mention this little mistake.

Shhhh, don't tell. :)

-Sherry Michael

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