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from a novice

I have a 4-year old who's really into dinosaurs, and has requested books 
for X-mas. Can anyone recommend a good, up-to-date primer? I'm looking 
for something with lots of accurate illustrations and a fair amount of 
stats (my son likes to ask a lot of who'd win, who's bigger, meaner, 
faster, etc type questions). Since I'll be reading it to him, it doresn't 
have to be specifically geared toward kids. I'm sure you've covered this 
topic before, so thank you for your patience.

on another note, I'm new to internetting, so I'm not real sure what you 
all mean about usenet, gateways, and these other paleo-related lists. Can 
anyone give me a layman's explanation. If this list joins a newsgroup, 
does it mean it will not exist in this current format? (I've only joined 

finally, what are your impressions of TLC's Paleoworld (sundays at 9 
eastern, repeated during the week) show which recently premiered? I found 
it to be interesting and entertaining.