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Re: Tyrannosaurus bataar size

>>Tyrannosaurus bataar    0.97 (but larger individuals are known from skulls)
>>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
>What figure would you get if you scaled the 0.97m by the ratio of the length of
>the largest individual skull over the length of the skull of the quoted
>specimen? Not 100% reliable, of course, but it should be in the ballpark.

Hmm, too much to do before SVP :-)

Well, since I don't have all that data together now, I can use a
skull-based general estimate.  The type skull of T. bataar is longer than
AMNH 5027's skull (the one on the Jurassic Park logo), but shorter than
Sue, so the Asian species gets up to the size of the larger North American
forms, at least.

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