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Re: Textbook

WTVJMWG@CF.AC.UK (Julia x) wrote:

>Here in The UK, the Natural History Museum in London does some good
>dino books for children....

If you're thinking of the same books I am, I don't think they're just
for children.  I have a copy of David Lambert's _The Ultimate Dinosaur
Book_, and I think it has much to recommend it for all age groups.  I
suspect that a lot of you will share with me the pleasure of finding a
dinosaur glossary which is complete with pronunciations.  Until a
couple of days ago I thought Lesothosaurus was pronounced just as it's
spelled.  Unless you're a bit more well travelled than I am, you
probably wouldn't guess that the country name (and hence the dinosaur)
is more properly pronounced more like "Luh soot' ho" (I don't think
that's exactly how Lambert phoneticized it, but it's close--blame me
if it's still wrong :-).

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)