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The one thing that concerns me about the proposal I saw for a new
newsgroup is this:

> There is a large and active mailing list for discussion of dinosaurs.  Some
> people would like to see it moved to a USENET newsgroup.

My problem is with the word "moved"!  I do not use newsgroups at all,
principally because I'm on the wrong side of a firewall that often
makes usenet news very unreliable.  (For a while I tried to use a
newsreader, but every week or so I'd find that many of the newsgroups
had disappeared, and only frantic calls to our admin group would serve
to resurrect them.)  If the dinosaur discussion moves, I will be left
out.  I don't believe that I'm alone in this concern.  I propose that
instead of moving the discussion, we gateway it.


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