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Re: News Group and request for environmental reconstructions

>I'd like to find out more about environments in normally less discussed
>periods, like Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Carboniferous, etc.

May I recommend 'The Ecology of Fossils' 1978  McKerrow, W. S. ed., The MIT
Press; Cambridge, MA. pp.384.

This book is a thorough chronological analysis of the major recognized
fossil communities through the Phanerozoic.  The discussion is enlivened by
excellent block diagram reconstructions drawn by Elizabeth Winson and
paleogeographic reconstructions prepared by Peter Deussen.  I sounds like
just what you want.

Also, while I have the Bully Pulpit for a moment, let me suggest that the
above query (and many others like it that I've seen appear in my E-mail
box) indicate a broad interest in paleontology including, but not
restricted to, dinosaurs.  A paleontology newsgroup seems like an idea
whose time has come.  As for where to put a paleo newsgroup, under .bio or
.geo, well, that is a controversey as old as the science itself.  I suggest
that, as the science of paleontology straddles both worlds, it might be
best to have it's own category as sci.paleo.  However, if this is
inconvenient for whatever reasons, then I think that .geo is the way to go,
simply because most people associate fossils with the rocks that they come
encased in and the science of geology in general.

I think it is a terrible idea to erect any scientific newsgroup under the
.alt category, if only for the reason that some institutions such as
Hofstra University do not subscribe to the .alt groups.

Over and out!

J Bret Bennington
Department of Geology
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