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RFD: sci.fossils-rocks

Request for Discussion (RFD)

Newsgroup:      sci.fossils-rocks
Status:         unmoderated
Distribution:   World-wide
Summary:        For discussion of rocks, minerals and fossil
Proponent:      Garry Platt <garry@gplatt.demon.co.uk>

This is a formal Request for Discussion on the creation of an unmoderated
newsgroup, sci.fossils-rocks

This RFD has been posted in accordance with the guidelines for Newsgroup
creation. The language is based on previously submitted RFDs. The RFD is
being cross-posted to the following relevant news groups and mailing lists:

Dinosaur mailing list at lepomis.psych.upenn.edu


This newsgroup will be open to discussion on topics related to the
collection, identification, storage and preservation of rocks, minerals and
fossils. Details of collection sites and discussion on changes in law which
may impinge or effect the collection of rocks, minerals and fossils.


There has been in existance a very active mailing list (rocks-and-fossils)
which was the subject of a 'mail bomb'. The mailing list has since gone
dead, effectively stopping interested parties from discussing and
exchanging views in this field.


Issues that should be resolved during this RFD:

Is the name appropriate?

Is it appropriate to replace the now apparently defunct rocks-and-fossils
mailing list with a newsgroup?


After a discussion period of 21-30 days, if there are not overwhelming
objections to any of the proposed groups, there will be a Call For Votes
posted to the groups as this RFD. The voting period will be at least 21
days. Each group that passes, by receiving 100 more YES votes than NO votes
'and' twice as many YES votes as NO Votes, will be created.

E Mail Address:     garry@gplatt.demon.co.uk.