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Re: New News Group (Really info request on past life)

>       I suggest somthing like sci. paleo. for paleo in general.  Then 
> latter on if there are enough messages, we can break it down into various 
> aspects of Paleontology.
> Jeremiah J. Burton

I perfectly agree with this suggestion. Past life is all very interesting,
why restricting the discussion to dinosaurs ?

By the way, I am very interested in past life and reconstruction of whole
environments, not just of single creatures and not just for the Mesozoic.
For instance, I was fascinated by a Carboniferus forest reconstruction in
the Natural History Museum in S. Francisco.
I'd like to find out more about environments in normally less discussed
periods, like Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Carboniferus, etc.

I asked informations about this before, but now that there's more of us I'd
like to ask again.
The closest thing I ever got was "The book of life" that tries to look at
the history of life from broader perspective.

One of us (Tom Waters, 72350.1764@compuserve.com), mentioned long ago:

>I don't know any references for fossil-plant reconstructions, but I'd suggest 
>looking at the relevant chapters in Terrestrial Ecosystems through Time, then 
>checking some of the works cited there. The book is ed. by Behrensmeyer, 
>Damuth, DiMichele, Potts, Sues and Wing and pub. by the Univ. of Chicago 
>Press, 1992. 
>Tom Waters
>Earth magazine

Can anybody tell me more about this book ? Is it worth ordering ?
In general, any information on less popular period of time (like the ones
mentioned above) will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance.


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