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Re: _THE_DINOSAURIA_ textbook

>>Michel is correct.  _The Dinosauria_ is the best dinostuff on the market,
>>for beginners, too, because it has scientifically accurate illustrations of
>>the bones.

>...I would
>personally like to see any future revisions of Dinosauria (or a similar
>work) to have one standard set of illustrations...
>...would also like more of the skeletal morpologic terminology on such
>illustrations, this too varies from chapter to chapter...

  I don't agree that it's a good book for beginners unless they have taken a
course in anatomy. I think this could be easily fixed, however, with a glossary
with a skeletal diagram (any genus will do) in the book, defining the technical 
names of all the bones (tibia, femur, etc.) for quick reference.

Scott Horton
Geophysicist/Computer Programmer