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Re: Amber May Release Ancient Disease-Causing Microbes

>Isn't this fear a bit on the paranoid side?  I'm not intending to be insulting
>here, just want to make a point.  
>I would imagine that any bacteria trapped in amber, or any other substance, may
>escape regardless of human intervention.  Amber will erode if exposed, it can
>break.  Human activity may make it more likely, but does it really pose a 
>threat that would otherwise not exist?

I've heard some years ago that someone once proposed that perhaps the
Bubonic Plague during the Dark Ages was initiated by the release of
ancient microbes from amber.  I never did hear any followups on

I personally know of two amber dealers who have recently died of cancer.
Their names were Richard Trexler and Art Hanson.  They both ran their
business in the Dominican Repulic and did a large amount of their own
amber polishing.  They both passed away within 6 months of finding out
they had cancer.  I know it is very improbable that their deaths were
due to any ancient organims released from amber.  Maybe they inhaled
too much amber dust during the polishing process.  Their deaths may
be totatlly unrelated to anything to do with amber, but it did
strike me as being a bit odd.