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Giant Theropods

>There has been a smidgeon of information about predators as large or larger
>than the bigger T. Rex specimens. Species that approach or exceed T. Rex that
>I've come across are Spinosaurus, on species of Allosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus
>and one truly gigantic carnosaur from Asia, if I recall correctly. Can anyone
>shed some light on T. Rex or larger material?

The largest T. rex specimen (Sue) is still bigger than any Saurophagus (aka
Epanterias), Acrocanthosaurus, or Chilantiasaurus specimen.  The type of
Spinosaurus (destroyed by Allied bombing in WW II) indicated an animal
which was probably longer, but also probably less massive, than T. rex.

The true giant, however, is probably this new theropod (unnamed as of now)
from the mid-Cretaceous of Argentina.  Its femur is 1.44 m long (to Sue's

Possibly larger are a fragmentary specimen of T. rex in the collections of
U. Cal. Berkely (a maxilla described in Paul's Predatory Dinosaurs of the
World) and mabye a giant theropod from India.  The last is known only from
a fragment which might be a petrified tree trunk.

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