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Re: Largest predators

> There has been a smidgeon of information about predators as large or larger
> than the bigger T. Rex specimens. Species that approach or exceed T. Rex that
> I've come across are Spinosaurus, on species of Allosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus
> and one truly gigantic carnosaur from Asia, if I recall correctly. Can anyone
> shed some light on T. Rex or larger material?
All of the above mentioned species are indeed among the largest theropods
known. However, none is bigger than T. rex. Spinosaurus may have been longer
than T. rex, but he wasn't larger. It would be useful if you could provide
a name for the giant Asian carnosaur. There are quite a few large theropods
from that continent.
There is this one theropod that was found last year in the Patagonian province
of Neuquen, Argentina. It comes from the Rio Limay Formation, which is
Albian-Cenomanian in age (Middle Cretaceous). It comprises a nearly complete
skeleton, which is distinguished by its unusually large size. It is so large
that it might even have surpassed T. rex in overall size. For example, the
femur is said to mesure 144 centimeters. This animal, as yet unnamed, will
be the subject of a short communication at the forthcoming Society of 
Vertebrate Paleontology annual meeting, at the end of this month in Seattle,
Wa. It should be formally described in the months ahead.
I hope this answers part of your interrogation. Don't hesitate to write me
if you have any questions.

Michel Chartier