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Re: Dinosaurs: The textbook

> Michel is correct.  _The Dinosauria_ is the best dinostuff on the market,
> for beginners, too, because it has scientifically accurate illustrations of
> the bones.  I was pleased to see it is now in out in paperback (how long has
> this wonderful situation been going on).  The price is as high as a 
> diplodocid's neck, but you get what you pay for.  I am using the installment
> payment method for my copy (it's only around 40 bucks folks).  The cover
> is first rate artwork, too.  Although it is considered a technical reference
> source book, any bookstore can order it.
I would like to add to this that I paid about 55 dollars for Lucas's Textbook
(in canadian currency, so substract about 10 bucks for the original US price).
The book also has 290 pages, as compared to _The Dinosauria_, which has more
than 700 pages. The Dinosauria is an excellent book, and relatively cheap
when compared to a few others.

Michel Chartier