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NOVA Programs on Tape

At least two of the NOVA programs that Phillip Bigelow mentioned in an
earlier posting are available on videotape. "The Case of the Flying
Dinosaur" is available for $19.98 from Live Home Video, and you can
probably find it in video stores that carry the NOVA home videotapes.
"T. Rex Exposed" is available from Coronet Films for $99.00. Why the
disparate price range? When Coronet sells the tape, along with it
comes limited "public performance" rights. (Technically, if a tape says
"For Home Use Only," it really means home use only. Showing it in a
school or university setting would be regarded as a public

Many of the subscribers to this listserv would probably be quite happy
to have home use only versions of any NOVA programs related to dinosaurs.
Maybe a letter campaign to Live Home Video would generate interest on
their part to license a boxed set for home use. The address is:
                Live Home Video
                100 Fusion Way
                Country Club Hills, IL 60748

Another video of some interest (primarily to the lay public and
schools) is "Dinosaurs: Fantastic Creatures That Rule the Earth"
produced by the Smithsonian Institution. On videotape it is coupled
with a program on insects. The dinosaur program is available as
a CAV laserdisc. It's a 60-minute program narrated by James
Whitmore. There is also a HyperCard stack available from
Educational Resources that allows Level III multimedia interactivity.

----- Amado Narvaez