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Dinosaurs:The textbook

Hi there:

        I recently got my hands on a copy of Spencer Lucas's book,
Dinosaurs: The textbook. I have to say it's kind of a disappointing
book. I expected better. I'd like to hear about comments, feelings and
opinions from those that have seen and examined the book.
        My personal opinion is that it is inconsistent (but of course
you could say that about many other books!). For example, I appreciated
the part on depositional environments; it's the first time I see such
a subject being discussed in a dinosaur book. 
        The "bad" comments center on these:
- the illustrations are VERY average, and sometimes even terrible.
- the "encyclopedia" is very limited (only 2 and a half pages!). I
expected it to be at least a few dozen pages.
- finally, I thought the book would be just a bit more technical, as
one would expect of a university undergraduate level textbook.

Of course, it is a good introductory text for those dinophiles that are
just beginning to explore the fascinating subject of dinosaurs. But for 
those more advanced, The Dinosauria still rules unchallenged!

Just my modest opinion. Waiting to hear yours.

Michel Chartier
Dept. of Anthropology
Universite de Montreal