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RE: Dinosaur and DNA

On Tue, 4 Oct 1994, Miles Constable at Edmn wrote:

> Jennifer
> I read a precis of the research on extracting DNA from insects buried in 
> amber several years ago in the magazine Science News. From what was 
> mentioned in the article the DNA extracted was highly fragmented and there 
> was no proof that it came from dinosaurs. The most likely source would be 
> the insect itself, and possibly the blood from whatever it had fed on. The 
> basic problem being that the skin of dinosaurs was rather thick, and may 
> have been an effective barrier to mosquitos and biting flies. Small 
> dinosaurs like Archeopteryx and the young of other dinosaurs could have been 
> attacked by biting flies, also small mammals would be likely sources of 
> blood.

How about a DEAD dino who had had his guts ripped open? 
> Sorry I can't be much more help than this. Good luck. An interesting topic.
> Miles Constable
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