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RE: Dinosaur and DNA

Hi Again Jennifer,
I was wandering around the library last night and found the reference I 
mentioned in yesterday's posting to you. This is from the Oct 24, 1992 issue 
of Science News, it quotes two papers. One is in the Sept 1992 issue of 
Medical Scientific Research and in the other is in the Sept 25 1992 issue of 
Science. One of the authors of the Science paper is Ward Wheeler. Both 
papers studied the DNA of the insects trapped in amber, not DNA of anything 
they ate. One insect was a bee the other a termite. Sorry, no dinosaurs. The 
concept that Michael Crichton used in JP was based on work done by George 
Poinar, Jr. Check out the Oct 3, 1992 issue of Science News, it reports on a 
research paper identifying original proteins from fossilized dinosaur bones. 
According to Dr. Poinar, IF dinosaur DNA is extracted from amber, probably 
all they could do with it is determine the lineage of dinosaurs, which in 
itself would be pretty useful.

Hope this helps.

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