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First paleoworld programs

Just a reminder that, as you all are probably aware, the standard by which all
other dinosaur shows are measured, is the dinosaur shows produced by NOVA on
PBS.  I personally know of at least four one hour long shows: 1) In search of
China's dinosaurs (title may be a little off); produced around 1990;
2) The case of the flying dinosaur; produced around 1990; 3) T-rex exposed;
produced around 1990; 4) Dinosaurs of the Gobi ; produced 1993; 5) woops, make
that 5 shows..."The real Jurassic Park"; produced 1993.

I can give a positive review for the first four shows.  The fifth one is 
probably the only coprolite that NOVA has ever deposited.  But one can't
complain with a 4 out of 5 favorable rating.  The fifth show blatantly catered
to the Dino-DNA craze that is painfully taking to long to die down.  Not enough
hard science was used; rather a long rambling speculation on something that
paleo people don't care about anyway.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on the first three shows may be difficult,
unless NOVA re-runs are shown in your area.  1-800-441-NOVA will only get you
Dinosaurs of the Gobi...I think.  It is unfortunate that all four of the good
NOVA episodes cannot be marketed as a package. Maybe NOVA will eventually see
the error of their ways, and reward us all with their quality.