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RE: paleontology subscriptions-oooh!

Thanks for forwarding the subscription info. You mentioned in a post to 
Internet(scale models) that you were going to the SVP convention in Seattle. 
Is this over, and did you make it up there? I'd be interested in your 

John Rafert       jrafert@xray.indyrad.iupui.edu
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>From: dinosaur
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: paleontology subscriptions-oooh!
Date: Tuesday, October 04, 1994 12:05PM

      These were wondering around in the Internet geology newsgroup, over a
period of days, and since I'd never seen them in this mailing list, I 
I'd send them along for the FAQ and for general consumption.   I hope 

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)

 ----------begin forwarded stuff below here--------------------

> Subject: paleo journal subscriptions

>Interestingly The Journal of Paleontology is not very clear on how >to
>subscribe and no phone numbers are given in the magazine.  The >inside of
>the front cover lists the Journal of Paleontology Subscription >Office, 
>Box 1897, 810 East 10th Street, Lawrence, KS  66044-8897, as >the contact
>for subscriptions.  Comunications about memberships and blanks >for
>nomination of members are to be directed to Secretary: Donald >Wolberg, The
>Paleontological Society, PO Box 803, Socorro, NM  87801.   The 
>price for members of The Paleontological Society is $59 per year >and for
>nonmembers is $99 per year.  There have been some requests for >where to
call/write for subscriptions to
>the Journal of Paleontology.  Since that one has been answered, >here are
>some other journals and where to get subscriptions:

>(The Palaeontological Association)
>Ordinary membership   28 British pounds/ $50 U.S.
>Contact: Dr. J.E. Francis
>Dept. Earth Sciences
>The University, Leeds
>Leeds, England
>LS2 9JJ

>(The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology)
>Tel  1-402-472-4604

>(Society for Sedimentary Geology)
>Subscription        S.E.P.M.
>                    P.O. Box 4756
>                    Tulsa, OK 74159-0756
>Tel: 1-918-743-9765

>Mike asked how to subscribe to 'Palaeontology', the international >pal(a)eo
>jounal published 4 times a year by the Palaeontological >Association in
>Britain (affectionally known as the Pal. Ass.).  I'm posting this in >case
>anyone else out there wants to know.

>All members of the Pal. Ass. get the journal free.  If you want to >be a
>apply to the Membership Secretary, Dr. Mike Barker, Geology >Department,
>University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, England. ><BarkerMJ@cv.port.ac.uk>
>Ordinary Membership is 28 pounds or 50 US dollars; Full-time
>students can have student membership for 11.50 pounds or 20 >dollars.
 >And if you have a checking  account in US dollars then you can
>pay with a personal check.  At those rates, you can't lose.

>Tim Palmer; Treasurer, Pal. Ass.
>'Probably the best palaeontology society in the world'
>prices, you can't lose