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paleontology subscriptions-oooh!

      These were wondering around in the Internet geology newsgroup, over a
period of days, and since I'd never seen them in this mailing list, I thought
I'd send them along for the FAQ and for general consumption.   I hope they're

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)

----------begin forwarded stuff below here--------------------

> Subject: paleo journal subscriptions

>Interestingly The Journal of Paleontology is not very clear on how >to
>subscribe and no phone numbers are given in the magazine.  The >inside of
>the front cover lists the Journal of Paleontology Subscription >Office, P.O.
>Box 1897, 810 East 10th Street, Lawrence, KS  66044-8897, as >the contact
>for subscriptions.  Comunications about memberships and blanks >for
>nomination of members are to be directed to Secretary: Donald >Wolberg, The
>Paleontological Society, PO Box 803, Socorro, NM  87801.   The >subscription
>price for members of The Paleontological Society is $59 per year >and for
>nonmembers is $99 per year.  There have been some requests for >where to
call/write for subscriptions to
>the Journal of Paleontology.  Since that one has been answered, >here are
>some other journals and where to get subscriptions:

>(The Palaeontological Association)
>Ordinary membership   28 British pounds/ $50 U.S.
>Contact: Dr. J.E. Francis
>Dept. Earth Sciences
>The University, Leeds 
>Leeds, England
>LS2 9JJ

>(The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology)
>Tel  1-402-472-4604

>(Society for Sedimentary Geology)
>Subscription        S.E.P.M.
>                    P.O. Box 4756
>                    Tulsa, OK 74159-0756
>Tel: 1-918-743-9765

>Mike asked how to subscribe to 'Palaeontology', the international >pal(a)eo
>jounal published 4 times a year by the Palaeontological >Association in 
>Britain (affectionally known as the Pal. Ass.).  I'm posting this in >case 
>anyone else out there wants to know.

>All members of the Pal. Ass. get the journal free.  If you want to >be a
>apply to the Membership Secretary, Dr. Mike Barker, Geology >Department,
>University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, England. ><BarkerMJ@cv.port.ac.uk> 
>Ordinary Membership is 28 pounds or 50 US dollars; Full-time 
>students can have student membership for 11.50 pounds or 20 >dollars. 
 >And if you have a checking  account in US dollars then you can 
>pay with a personal check.  At those rates, you can't lose.

>Tim Palmer; Treasurer, Pal. Ass.
>'Probably the best palaeontology society in the world'
>prices, you can't lose