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Re: Dinosaur Fiction

>    Harry Harrison
>          West of Eden
>          Winter in Eden
>          Return to Eden
>   Harrison ignores the extinction event, and creates a world where
>   dinosaurs evolve intelligence and society in the old world.  Homo
>   Sapiens, the latecomer, moves into the western hemisphere.  Then the
>   dinosaurs, far more advanced scientifically, start exploring the rest
>   of their planet.  Homo Sapiens has a difficult time proving it's
>   intelligent since it can't change facial colors or make tail movements,
>   both vital to the dinosaur language.

Actually, the Yilane' of Harrison's series aren't descended from dinosaurs,
but instead from mosasaurs (as is stated in the appendix of West of Eden).
Although I like Harrison's writings, he didn't do his homework on this one,
since mosasaurs are just sea-going monitor lizards and not archosaurs.
Also, in the appendicies, among the many inhabitants of the Yilane' world
(some genetically altered, some unchanged) are animals from thoughout the
late Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic.  The Paleozoic and many of the
Mesozoic lineages were extinct long before the end of the Cretaceous, so
the lack of an impact shouldn't have affected their deaths one way or the

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