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Dinosaur Fiction

 Comic book author and artist Steve Bissette has just published the first
 issue of "TYRANT" -- the life story of a T. rex from birth to death (the main
 character was laid in issue #1 but doesn't hatch until #3). He plans on
 it being a six year, bimonthly project -- so it's going to be a fairly detailed
 While acknowledging that the book is fiction, Bissette aims to be as accurate
 as current research allows. He actively solicits constructive criticism on
 his portrait of life in the Upper Cretaceous.
 While T. rex is not my favorite dinosaur (as should be obvious) I'm certainly
 giving this series a shot. If you'd rather not venture into your local comic
 book store (and who could blame you) Bissette (who publishes the book himself)
 can be contacted at: 
        SpiderBaby Grafix
        P.O.Box 442
        Wilmington,Vermont 05363
Samuel "Dr.Allosaurus" Crider
Computer Graphics Lab Coordinator
Columbia College Chicago