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Dinosaur Fiction

    Since it's Steven Spielberg talking about Jurassic Park II, and not
    Michael Chrichton, the book will probably be written from the
    screenplay.  Don't expect it to come close to JP-1.

    The majority of dinosaur fiction that I've seen isn't really worth
    reading.  Exceptions that show thoughtful consideration of what
    dinosaurs could become include two trilogies:

    Robert J. Sawyer
          Far Seer
          Fossil Hunter
    A galactic intelligence, surviving the big bang, finds the new universe
    is lacking in intelligent life.  Discovering that Earth contains two
    different strains that could evolve into intelligence, but would most
    likely fight each other for dominance, the intelligence moves dinosaurs
    to another planet to evolve in peace.  The stories begin with the life
    of the dinosaur counterpart to Galilleo.


    Harry Harrison
          West of Eden
          Winter in Eden
          Return to Eden
   Harrison ignores the extinction event, and creates a world where
   dinosaurs evolve intelligence and society in the old world.  Homo
   Sapiens, the latecomer, moves into the western hemisphere.  Then the
   dinosaurs, far more advanced scientifically, start exploring the rest
   of their planet.  Homo Sapiens has a difficult time proving it's
   intelligent since it can't change facial colors or make tail movements,
   both vital to the dinosaur language.

   Steve New