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RE: Dig opportunities

Dear Dr Jacobson
 I recently read your E-mail concerning your proposed dig next year
and would very much like to participate in this expedition.
 Despite being a molecular biologist, I am very interested in 
palaeontology, and my eventual career aim is to work on molecular aspects 
of evolution ( is this called molecular systematics?).
 As I shall (hopefully) be submitting my Masters thesis at around the
time that you propose the dig to take place (Late July/August), this would
also provide me with an opportunity to combine the dig with a holiday in 
the USA. My details follow; should I be considered for a place, please
keep me informed.

Name: Lee M Smith
D of Birth: 27 Jan 1969
S-Mail: 8,The Close
        Water St
        Hampstead Norreys
        RG16 0RX
        United Kingdom
Daytime Tel: 0635 578411 x2598
Evening Tel: 0635 200734