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Time Line

Here's a suggestion for how to proceed with John Schneiderman's idea of
creating a time line of events. The development process across the internet
could folow this pattern:

Stage 1
Someone outlines and proposes a geological time scale and lists the scale
down one side of standard A4 or the American equivalent paper. (Details of
margin sizes would useful). Name the document Time Line (Your Initials) V1.
Example: Time Line (GP) V1

Stage 2
Subsequent modifications are made by interested parties downloading,
changing and uploading the revised version, each time updating the title
'Tim Line (Your Initials) and increasing the version number by one decimal,
i.e. V1.1. There may be simultaneous downloads and transmissions, but
eventually I am sure we could agree whose version of the timeline we feel
most comfortable with, though I doubt there should be much controversy in
this particular area.

Stage 3
Once we have an agreed time line the next stage is to create complimentary
pages which indicate major events, initial suggestions are; Extinctions,
Volcanic Events, Tectonic Activity, Sea Level Changes, Meteor Impacts.
(Again, each subject page would be maintained by version number formats.)
The events should be typed down the page so that when one page is placed by
the side of the original Time Line the events would fit in each of their
respective periods. In this way an up to-date list could be maintained by
interested parties in each of the various sections and new ones added at
any time.

This is just a rough outline of how we could proceed. John Schneiderman's
idea seemed a good one for this group to pursue. You may not think so. Lets
here your comments.

Garry Platt
E Mail Address: garry@gplatt.demon.co.uk