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Re: Time Line

 This is my first attempt at a post so please bear with me:

 Further to the  First globigerinas entry,  Stan Friesen wrote:

 > > First globigerinas

>>A group of giant shelled amoebas - a subgroup of the foraminifers.

The Globigerinids are indeed foraminifera which have been described as
"amoebas with talent" but more specifically the event in the Jurassic
is the origin of clear planktonic foraminfera (benthic forams go back
all the way to the Cambrian).  True Globigerina's are Cenozoic so the
time line should probably note "First planktonic foraminifera."

Also Echinoids are a subgroup of the echinoderms which includes the sea-
urchins and sand dollars.

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