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Re: Time Line

From: Bob Myers <stssram@st.unocal.com>
 > On Sep 7, 17:08, Stan Friesen wrote:
 > } Subject: Re: Time Line
 > >  > > First rudists
 > > 
 > > An early group of corals, rather different than the living hexacorals.
 > Um, no.  The rudists were reef-building mollusks (clams).  Not corals at
 > all, but a similar niche (reef-builder).

Oops - I tend to get those early reef-building groups mixed up.
There are so many odd groups that made reefs in the distant past
I cannot seem to keep track of them.
 > >  > > First grazing echinoids
 > > 
 > > Echinoids are starfish, sea-lilies, sea-cucumbers, sea-urchins
 > I suspect you're right that echinoderms were meant originally, though.
 > "First grazing echinoderms" seems to make more sense than "first grazing
 > echinoids".   

Well, the way it's worded *is* a little odd.  Actually, it may
be technically correct as it stands - the echinoids being grazing
echioderms, it could simply be refering to the origin of
echinoids (in a redundant manner)!

But that *is* what got me confused.

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