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Re: dinosaur textbook

From: Russ Jacobson <jacobson@fred.isgs.uiuc.edu>
 > From Dr. Holz
 > >
 > >What it is not, is accurate.  This textbook was in serious need of critical
 > >fact checking.  It is loaded with incorrect (Ornithomimosauridae, instead
 > >of Ornithomimosauria or Ornithomimidae) 
 > >or contraversial (Rioarribasaurus
 > >for Coelophysis,
 > so has anything yet been settle with Coelophysis or is it still 
 > controversial?

I haven't seen much on this lately.

Personally, I am currently listing Rioarribasaurus as a junior
synonym of Coelophysis, but that is hardly conclusive, as I haven't
been able to launch a comprehensive literature review of the issue.
 > > Ceratopsinae and Pachyrhinosaurinae for Chasmosaurinae and
 > >Centrosaurinae) names. 
 > Now that I look I see that he did that. Are these new names or did he just
 > go of on a tangent with these???

No, he had a reason.

He may even be right on the first one, based on my vague memory
of the rules regarding "nominate subtaxa" in the Rules of
Zoological Nomenclature.  As I remember it the rules require
that the subfamily containing the type genus of a family bear
the corresponding name (that is with '-idae' replaced by 'inae').
Since the family, so far as I know, is still called Ceratopsidae,
despite Ceratops being a nomen dubium (an unidentifiable specimen),
the subfamily to which that specimen appears to belong must also
use the same base name - that is it must be Ceratopsinae.

As to the second it may be due to the brouhaha about Centrosaurus
being a preoccupied name (one already in use for a different
organism).  If so, he is premature, at best, since the case
has been appealed to the Commission, and it is almost certain
that they will rule to conserve the name of the dinosaur over the
prior, effectively forgotten, name.

 > So when and what are the other textbooks comming out.

The one I am waiting for is the new loose-leaf dictionary
by Donald Glut.  It promises to be very good.  The last we heard
here on this list was that it is due early in '95.

If I get a chance to speak to him over Thanksgiving, I will
try to post more.

It is not likely to be suitable for a introductory textbook though,
as it is mostly going to be a list of dinosaurs, one per page.

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