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Speilberg Plans Jurassic Park Sequel

Spielberg Planning Sequel to Mega-Dino Blockbuster

NEW YORK (AP) - Director-producer Steven Spielberg plans a sequel to "Jurassic
Park," one of the biggest box-office successes of all time, but fans will have 
to wait more than two years, Forbes reported Sunday.

The magazine made the disclosure in its Sept. 27 issue cover story about the 
Top 40 best-paid entertainers, which Spielberg led with estimated 1993-94 
gross earnings of $335 million.

Forbes said the dinosaurs-come-back-to-life thriller was a major contributor to
Spielberg's wealth, grossing $900 million at the box office. Sales of Jurassic
Park-related merchandise generated an additional $1 billion.

In an interview with Forbes, Spielberg said he plans to make a sequel to open 
for the summer 1997 movie season, renouncing his one-time aversion to sequels 
as a "cheap carny trick."

"It's not so precious to me and I'm not so personal about 'Jurassic Park' that I
have any reason not to give the audience what they want," he told Forbes.