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Cable TV and Copyright

In my earlier posting, I listed a number of dinosaur programs on cable TV
which educators may use for limited time periods in the classroom. As a
media specialist, I should make clear that only some (not all) cable
programs may be videotaped for school use. The "Paleoworld" series at this
time is *not* included as a program schools may use. However, you can
recommend that students who have cable watch it at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern time)
on September 28. (It will be repeated that same day at 11:00 p.m.)

The teleconference with Dr. Horner on November 11 has a "Fair Use"
designation. As defined by _Cable in the Classroom_, this means
"Show within 10 days; show may be saved for reference for 45 days."
Since it is described as a teleconference, I assume it means that it
will be broadcast live and that viewers may call in with questions.
The actual time of the broadcast was not listed, but I will post it when
that is announced. Keep in mind that since this is on Mind Extension
University, it may be in greater depth than elementary school children
can handle.

The times listed in my previous posting, by the way, were Eastern time zone.

----- Amado Narvaez