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[MFHanson@aol.com: own a piece of the rex]

One of our subscribers just forwarded a message to me for "approval".
To me the message seems reasonably appropriate for the list, so I'm
forwarding it below.  If you disagree with my decision, please feel
free to complain to me.  If you agree, feel free to post similar calls
for "unusual" donations.


>From: MFHanson@aol.com
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>Sender: "MFHanson" <MFHanson@aol.com>
>To: rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
>Date: Sun, 18 Sep 94 14:02:28 EDT
>Subject: own a piece of the rex
>Mickey...I found this notice in the UC-Berkeley..Museum of Paleontology
>announcements.  Is it appropriate to post it on the dinolist?  I will let you
>Marilyn Hanson
>Tyrannosaurus rex has inspired genrations of school childern,
>scientists, artists and film-makers ever since Henry Fairfield Osborn
>of the American Museum of Natural History gave this ferocious beast
>its name in 1905.  T. rex is now coming to the Museum of Paleontology
>in Berkeley to stand in the three story atrium of our new location,
>the Valley Life Sciences Building.  And, YOU can "own a piece of the
>We offer you this unique opportunity to participate in our T. rex
>campaign.  As you can see from the list below, you may choose from a
>variety of bones.  In return for your tax-deductible donation, your
>name will appear on our permanent donor plaque, you will receive a
>personalized certificate of appreciation along with your receipt, and
>you will be invited to a special dedication ceremony.  Your
>contribution will be used for the mounting of our T. rex and the
>completion of the surrounding exhibit area, which includes an
>interactive learning center accessible to the community at large.
>Here's the list of bones you can donate towards, or donate a bone in
>someone else's name -- its a gift for dinosaur enthusiasts that will
>last for generations to come!
>Small caudal vertebrae        $100
>Medium caudal vertebrae       $150
>Large caudal vertebrae        $200
>Chevrons                       $20
>Sacrum                       $1500
>Pelvis                       $2500
>Dorsal vertebrae              $300
>Cervical vertebrae            $400
>Skull and jaws               $5000
>Teeth                          $25
>Scapula                       $200
>Ribs                          $150
>Humerus                       $150
>Radius                        $100
>Ulna                          $100
>Metacarpals                    $75
>Fingers and claws              $50
>Femur                         $750
>Tibia                         $500
>Fibula                        $400
>Metatarsals                   $100
>Toes and claws                 $50
>Send us the following information if you would like to participate in
>this unique campaign:
>1.  Name(s) (as it want it to appear on the donor plaque and your
>    personalized certificate);
>2.  Bone(s) (from list above);
>3.  Amount and Total Amount if for more than one bone; and
>4.  A check for the Total Amount, made payable to U.C. Regents.
>Also, include your name and mailing address.  Remember, the Museum
>will send the certificates and receipts to you.  
>Our Address is:  T. rex Campaign
>                 Museum of Paleontology
>                 U. C. Berkeley
>                 43 McCone Hall
>                 Berkeley, CA  94720
>Please pass this information along if you know others who might be
>interested in "owning a piece of the Rex".  Should you have any
>questions, please call us at the University of California Museum of
>Paleontology at (510) 643-9745 or write to us via email at