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Re: Dinosaur magazine

Some time ago I asked the list if anyone knew any details about the 
recently announced dinosaur magazine. I received a personal response and 
thought I would share it with the rest of you.


>The publication is called Dinosaurus. The first issue is scheduled for
>October and the publication will come out 10 times a year.
>   The editor is Kim Robert Nilsen (UNH, Park College). He is working with
>scientists, researchers and educators from throughout the country to check
>editorial material and to solicit concepts. He monitors the internet daily
>for news throughout the world, travels extensively to visit collections in
>major US and Canadian cities.
>   He is a veteran magazine editor and writer (Collectibles Illustrated,
>National Gardening, Private Pilot, Yankee, etc.) He is an accomplished
>illustrator and musician, as well. He has studied Mesozoic life since
>childhood, being well versed in issues such as endothermy vs. ectothermy,
>anatomical interpretation, predator/prey relationships, bolide impact theory,
>locomotion mechanics, etc.
>  He keeps a turkey (therapod descendent?) to study its movement and
>behavior, and he occasionally works fossil deposits at Turners Falls, MA for
>fossil footprints. etc.
>   The magazine is geared to children ages seven to 15. The first issue will
>cover such subjects as follows:
>  1. The Triassic radiation of early dinosaurs may have forced mammal-like
>animals into nocturnal behavior.
>  2. Water gives life and water takes life away, and water
>makes it possible for bone to turn to fossils. Flash floods and draught have
>given us wonderful treasure troves of fossils.
>  3. Edmontonia, the living tank.
>  4. "Diggin'  'Em Up: four pages of the latest news and research from around
>the world.
>  ...and so on.
>  For subscription information, call 1-800-DINOSAUR

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