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BHI finds 4th T. rex !

The Black Hills Institute has announced the discovery of their 4th 
Tyrannosaurus rex in the last 4 years. Their latest discovery is from
South Dakota and preliminary reports indicate that it is a very large

Surface analysis revealed a huge cervical vertebrae, several caudal
verts, rib bones, a leg bone, a skull element, and a few teeth.

This T. rex is number 17 for those keeping score at home. If anybody
has any additions or corrections to the following specimen catalogue,
please let me know. Stan (specimen BHI-3033) has recently been upgraded
to over 80% complete from this season's fieldwork. This places Stan as the
second most complete T. Rex ever found(after SUE). Does anybody have info
on the summer fieldwork for the Saskatchewan specimen? I recall the prelim
reports were optimistic for a high percentage of skeletal preservation.


               Specimen Catalog for Tyrannosaurus rex

        compiled by David A. Burnham and Peter L. Larson 
        --Black Hills Institute of Geological Research--
        updated by contributors to dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
   SPECIMEN                                                MUSEUM and 
 1 BM-R7994    Brown-p       1900 Wyoming   25%      ?  (n)BM-London
 2 CM-9380     Brown-p       1902 Montana   40%      F  (y)CM-Pittsburgh
 3 AMNH-5027   Brown-p       1906 Montana   60%      M? (n)AMNH-N.Y.
 4 LACM-28344  Garbani-a     1966 Montana   25%      M  (y)LACM-L.A.
 5 LACM-28345  Garbani-a     1966 Montana   25%      ?  (n)LACM-L.A.
 6 SDSM-12047  Floden-a      1980 S.Dakota  25%      M? (y)SDSMT-Rapid City
 7 TMP.81.12.1 Sternberg-c   1946 Alberta   25%      M  (y)RTM-Drumheller
 8 TMP.81.6.1  Student-a     1981 Alberta   70%      F  (y)RTM-Drumheller
 9 MOR-009     Hager-p       1981 Montana   25%      ?  (n)MOR-Bozeman
10 MOR-555     Wankel-a      1988 Montana   80%+     M  (n)MOR-Bozeman
11 BHI-2033    Hendrickson-a 1990 S.Dakota  90%+     F  (n)BHIGR-Hill City
12 BHI-3033    Sacrison-a    1992 S.Dakota  80%+     M? (y)BHIGR-Hill City
13 MOR-008     ??????        ???? ?????     40%skull F  (n)MOR-Bozeman
14 Bowman      Pearson-a     1993 N.Dakota  ???      ?     Bowman,ND
15 Duffy       Sacrison-a    1993 S.Dakota  20%+     M?    BHIGR-Hill City 
16 ????                      1994 Saskatch. ???      ?     
17 BHI-                      1994 S.Dakota  ???      F?    BHIGR-Hill City      
* p-degreed paleontologist
  c-professional collector

** On display? - (y)yes (n)no

BM=British Museum
CM=Carnegie Museum
AMNH=American Museum of Natural History
LACM=Los Angeles County Museum
SDSMT=South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
RTM=Royal Tyrell Museum (Alberta)
MOR=Museum of the Rockies
BHIGR=Black Hills Institute of Geological Research
      also Black Hills Museum of Natural History Foundation

BHI-2033 is SUE 
BHI-3033 is Stan
Duffy is still being excavated.

There are 2 skeletal morphotypes: a robust form thought to be female
                                  a gracile form thought to be male.

P.S. For those of you following the SUE case, it seems that Hugh O'Garas
article on Sep 20 was either premature or caused the parties to hold
off, since the Institute is still preparing to go to trial.