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Re: BHI finds 4th T. rex !

I wrote:
>Surface analysis revealed a huge cervical vertebrae, several caudal
>verts, rib bones, a leg bone, a skull element, and a few teeth.

Oops, I should have said dorsal(not caudal) verts above. 

Pete Larson was on Minnesota Public Radio this morning(Saturday) to
talk about the latest discovery. He mentioned that the cervical vert
is about 1/3 larger than other BHI specimens. I presume he meant Stan,
and since Stan is almost as big as SUE, this new one *might* be the new
record holder for size. Duffy, the other BHI specimen still being studied
is much smaller.

He attributed the BHI success in finding T. rex fossils to  
two major factors:

    - good exposures of the Hell Creek FM in northwest South Dakota.
    - a network of avid amateurs and ranchers who keep their eyes open.