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Re: BHI finds 4th T. rex !

>This T. rex is number 17 for those keeping score at home. If anybody
>has any additions or corrections to the following specimen catalogue,
>please let me know.

This list is accurate with regard to fairly complete specimens.  However,
like Horner & Lessem's book, it neglects to mention the pre-1900
discoveries.  The first was a specimen, collected by Hatcher for Marsh,
which was refered to Marsh's 1890 species Ornithomimus grandis.  (O.
grandis, by the way, was based on the first tyrannosaurid postcrania
described.  Coming from the Eagle Sandstone, they represent the oldest
North American tyrannosaurid material.  Unfortunately, the type of O.
grandis was lost sometime between the 1890s and the 1920s.)  The refered
specimen is now in the collection of the Smithsonian.

The first name ever given to Tyrannosaurus rex itself was Manospondylus
gigas Cope 1892, based on a dorsal centrum still in the collections of the
American Museum of Natural History.  Despite the existence of the type,
dinosaur workers from Matthew and Brown (1922) on have accepted that the
type of Manospondylus gigas is undiagnostic, and that Osborn's name
Tyrannosaurus rex stands as the proper name for the "big guy".

I'll get the collectors, catalog names, etc., for these later.

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