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Sexing dinosaurs

Hold on there Tom, there have been a number of believable studies
on sexing dinosaurs, although they tend to be rather quantitative in
nature. Peter Dodson got the ball really rolling by quantifying and discussing
sex in lambeosaurine hadrosaurs and Protoceratops (the former in Syst. Zool.
24:37-54 - 1975, and the second in 1976 in J. Paleont. 49(5):929-940.) and
the most convincing case is in my study with Stegoceras (JP, 1981 55:608-618)
with Bill Wall, Peter Galton & Jack Sepkoski. No brag here, the dinosaurs
did all the work, I only crunched the numbers. But it is a solid case. Other
discussions should be in the Dinosaur Systematics Volume papers (mine and
others and references therein) by Carpenter & Currie. Now Peter Larson's
T rex sex paper (sounds like a headline from Variety) is somewhere in press
or going to. That's all of my head for now. More probably after we'all
get back from SVP.

Ralph Chapman, Applied Morphometrics Laboratory, NMNH, Smithsonian.