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Dig opportunities booklet

I received a nice looking booklet from the Dinamation
International Society today. It is their 1994-5 expedition
catalog. There are quite a few dig opportunities available. Here
is the table of contents:

     Saltillo Mexico
     Baja: Whales Past and Present
     England: Birthplace of Dinosaurs

     Colorado Canyons
     Family Dino Camp
     Wyoming High Plains
     Dinosaur Diamond Safari
     Colorado Advanced
     Navajo Nation
     The Dawn of the Age of Dinosaurs

     Devil's Canyon Science and Learning Center
     Day Tours
     Group Tours and Expeditions

Fees vary with time of year, location, etc. Most domestic digs are
under $1000. The Wyoming dig is scheduled to be lead by Bob
Bakker. The booklet says to call 1-800-DIG-DINO for further
information. They may even have a copy of the booklet to send to

[I am in no way associated with this organization and have no
vested interest therein. -- DEG]

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