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Utahraptor;Argentine carnosaur

I would greatly appreciate any and all information on both Utahraptor and the
recently discovered Argentine giant carnosaur (i.e. dimensions,
classifications, ages, etc.).

Is the Argentine dinosaur a tyrannosaur?  If so, then how did it get to South
America?  I thought South America was supposed to be isolated by the late

Sauropods existed to the end of the Cretaceous, and, in Titanosaurids,
possibly even became larger, yet sauropods are mostly discussed in a Jurassic
context.  Why don't we hear more about the later sauropods?  Were they simply
that much less common?  Weren't they the only animals capable of fulfilling
their ecological niches?

How can any sane, informed person, believe anything else but that the KT
extinction was caused by an impact with an extraterrestrial object?  With the
recent discoveries of the Yucatan crater it would seem the answer was sewn
up, but I still see people trying to defend alternative theories (for
example, Bakker).  Could this rather hopeless
archaism be partially from resentment that the impact theory came from a
physicist rather than a paleontologist?

Finally, why would anyone suspect that dinosaurs were anything but
warm-blooded?  It seems bloody obvious to me...


Van Smith, VanKathy@aol.com