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Re: pterosaurs & snakes

>As they got rid of their tail, however, the became far less stable in the
>air.  It was for this reason, that most pterodactyloids have crests on the
>head; it serves as a rudder while in flight.

According to Dr Peter Wellnhofer's book, Pterodactyloids were extermely
stable flyers. Computer models and wind-tunnel tests on Pteranodon have
shown it to have stalling speeds as slow as 10mph.

Also, Quetzalcoatlus (the largest known Pterosaur) had only a very small
crest (although its long beak could serve much the same function).

I agree with you about early Pterosaurs needing the tail for stability.
However the tail caused extra drag, so one who could maintain stable flight
without a tail would have a competitive advantage.

Anyway, I'm only an enthuastic amateur, so if any of you experts know better
please shout me down. :-)

James Shields/jshields@iol.ie
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