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Re: New Zealand Dinosaurs

>I have a copy of Joan Wiffen and Joseph McKee's paper on the
>Manahouganga Stream Cretaceous vertebrate site (Geol Soc NZ Misc Publ
>50B: 189-202, 1990).

More recently, there was a techincal publication about the Manahouganga

Reposted from Ralph (Dr. Morphometrics) Chapman
> The second is a neat paper by Ralph Molnar and J. Wiffen (Cretaceous
>Research, 15:689-706, 1994) on a Late Cretaceous polar dinosaur fauna from
>New Zealand. Although the material is generally scrappy, Ralph and J.
>seem to have material from a large theropod, a sauropod, an ankylosaur
>(maybe Mimni) and a pterosaur. They suggest differences with the
>equivalent faunas from Australia (vicariance assumed) and suggest that
>both large and small forms were able to make a living in cool to cold-temperate
>seasonal New zealand climates. Neat. May argue against just migration,
>but haven't read it yet.

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