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Re: New Zealand Dinosaurs

I have a copy of Joan Wiffen and Joseph McKee's paper on the 
Manahouganga Stream Cretaceous vertebrate site (Geol Soc NZ Misc Publ 
50B: 189-202, 1990).  Here is what they say on the dinosaurs:-

"...Molnar (1981) estimated that the theropod was 4m long and weighed 
0.4 tonnes (not 7m long as stated in some recent publications!!!).  
Since this initial publication, further dinosaur material has been 
collected and it is now apparent that NZ had quite a diverse dinosaur 
fauna.  The current list is:

Theropod - medium size (Molnar, 1981)
Theropod - large size (about the size of the Canterbury Museum 
Hypsolophodont (ornithopod) - herbivore (Wiffen and Molnar, 1989)
_Ankylosaurus_ - armour-plated dinosaur
Large dinosaur indet.
Dinosaur/bird? (Scarlett and Molnar, 1984)

Pterosaurs are also known from here if any of you are interested (see 
Wiffen and Molnar, 1988)

Molnar, RE 1981 A dinosaur from New Zealand. _in_:Cresswell, MM and 
Vella, P (eds) Gondwana five.  Fifth International Gondwana 
Symposium, Wellington, New Zealand, February 1980. Rotterdam, AA 
Balkema. pp91-96.

Scarlett and Molnar, 1984 Terrestrial bird or dinosaur phalanx from 
the New Zealand Cretaceous.  NZ Jour Zool 11: 271-275

Wiffen and Molnar, 1988 First pterosaur from New Zealand. Alcheringa 
12: 53-59

Wiffen and Molnar, 1989Upper Cretaceous Ornithopod from New Zealand. 
Geobios 22: 531-536

Hope this all helps.  Most of this I got from Joseph McKee when he 
visited me last year in Scotland.  If there is anyone who is in touch 
with him, say "Hi!" from me, and tell him about the first dinosaur 
from Scotland (Dino Times Jan 95).


Neil Clark
Curator of Palaeontology
Hunterian Museum
University of Glasgow
email: NCLARK@museum.gla.ac.uk

Mountains are found in erogenous zones.
(Geological Howlers - ed. WDI Rolfe)