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Re: New Zealand Dinosaurs

> I have in front of me 'The Great New Zealand Fossil Book' by Ron 
> Brazier _et al._ 1990 (ISBN 0-477-02601-x).  I am afraid that when it 
> was written only Hawkes Bay dinosaurs are mentioned.  I know of no 
> other discoveries than those.
> One caudal vertebra was described in 1981 and two 'toe bones' have 
> also been found of theropods.  The other bone fragment found there 
> was part of the illium of an ornithopod (similar to a hypsolophodont 
> form).  
> I am sure more has been found since then though?  Any New 
> Zealanders to comment???

Is there any articles written by Joan Wiffen or Ralph Molnar about New 
Zealand dinosaur finds?

New Zealand dinosaur list:  2 theropods (represented by caudal vertebra 
                                         and toe bones)
                            dryosaurid (or Hypsilophodontid) (represented 
                                         by a partial illium)
                            ?armored dinosaur (not confirmed)
please add to the list.

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)