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RE: administrivia

Mickey wrote:
>Those of you already affected, I will now attempt to inform someone
>who can stop the messages which are currently filling your mailbox.
>No action I can perform from here will stop them without the
>intercession of another human being closer to the source.  Rest
>assured, though, that this too will pass.

>If any of you EVER EVER EVER have a problem with mail
>bouncing from the dinosaur list, please do what Tom Holtz just
>did... send a copy of the bounced message (complete with header
>information) to me personally at: rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu. 

 One of my messages got bounced back to me over 100 times over the holiday,
similar to Stan's problem.  I would like to add that, in addition to
contacting Mickey and alerting him to the problem, it is also advisable to
contact the postmaster at the node where the mail is getting bounced back
from, and alert the postmaster of the problem.
  The address to contact is simply :   postmaster@whatever.the address.is
It would be a good idea to include the "header" of the bounced message, so
that the postmaster can figure out the problem.
  When listserver mail "bounces" back to a poster, it won't involve 
dinosaur@lepomis....what actually happens is that the mail gets trapped in
an infinite loop between the recipient and your personal mail box.
  In short, contact Mickey to help prevent other posters on the list from
suffering the same fate you suffered....but you still will have to contact
the postmaster to fix your own returned mail dilemma.  Otherwise it will
continue to return your post indefinately.
  I contacted the postmaster regarding the problem last friday, but since
no system admins. were at the New Zealand node until Monday, I had to endure
the returned mail 100 times....  :-(
  Unfortunately, this stuff happens from time to time.