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Burke Museum,

>  The Burke Museum at the U.W. has a young Allosaurus atrox on
> display and a Triceratops and Camptosaurus in the basement (not on display).
>  They're asking the state for more money to build a bigger museum because
> they literally have no more room for anything.  I hope they get it.
> Peter Buchholz
> Stang1996@aol.com
Aha, an opportunity to advertise our little Museum in the Far West!
The Burke Museum, (University of Washington, Seattle) has recently  
augmented the 
fossil displays in a newly erected "Fossil Workshop" in the lower gallery. 
Besides the mounted Allosaurus (still dragging his poor tail), we now 
have a Triceratops frill and horns, our new and exciting early Oligcene 
baleen whale which is being prepared in the gallery, a complete mososaur 
(Platecarpus) from the Pierre Shale, the cast of an Albertosaur skull, 
some merycoidontids, a complete ground sloth (Megalonyx) dug up from 
the airport site, plus some neat inverts, Eocene leaves and FLOWERS, and 
some dino models. This display is still being worked on, and we hoping to 
add more vertebrate material. So come by and visit us. And tell your 
local Congressperson  - WE NEED FUNDS!
Liz Nesbitt