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Re: new dino

At 9:10 AM 4/17/95, John Schneiderman wrote:
>Was there a new dinosaur found at the Yellowcat site in Utah?
>If not, what was found there?
>And finally...where is the Yellowcat site?
>---John Schneiderman

John et al -

        The Yellowcat quarry, north of Arches Nat'l Park, UT, is the
somewhat infamous quarry from which the famous dinosaur _Utahraptor_ has
been found.  More recently, however, the quarry has spit out several
specimens of the "polacanthid" ankylosaur that will be named _Gastonia_ by
Jim Kirkland.  He's got at least 4-5 skulls of this animal, and describes
is as "by far the spiniest" of the ankylosaurs.  Quarry work is sponsored
by the College of Eastern Utah in Price (about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the
quarry) and Don Burge; Carl Limone is the quarry boss.

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