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Re: Oviraptor

    swf writes<< a gender-based difference.  The one with the large crest
could be the male, and the one with the bumb could be the female.>>

    This is surely a probability, but these skulls truely are radically differ
ent from one another; I'm surprised that they're in the same genus.  It is
puzzling why there is no referance to hook-nose in either _Predatory
Dinosaurs of the World_ or _The Dinosauria_.

    Something interesting: I volunteered at The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park
when it was in Seattle, just last winter.  They had in a display case a
little cast of hook-nose.  I am wondering if swf's suggestion that it could
be a juvenile is correct because it was only about five inches long, and I'm
guessing that axe-nose's head would be about six or seven inches.  It is
surprising still that no recent books have mentioned hook-nose though.  It
was really cool to work there, especially after they discovered the embrionic

    I'm going to be gone for a while.  Off to see the Smithsonian.  It's
crazy; the first museum this dinosaur nut has seen that has more than one
dinosaur in it!  The Burke Museum at the U.W. has a young Allosaurus atrox on
display and a Triceratops and Camptosaurus in the basement (not on display).
 They're asking the state for more money to build a bigger museum because
they literally have no more room for anything.  I hope they get it.

Peter Buchholz