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Re: Heterodontosaurs

>From: "Robert G. Tuck Jr." <tuckr@digital.net>
 > On Fri, 14 Apr 1995, Stan Friesen wrote:
 > > The heterodontosaurids apparently evolved from basal ornithishchians,
 > > and left no known descendents (i.e they were a "dead-end").
 > George Olshevsky ...
 > postulates that the heterodontosaurids may have given rise to the
 > Pachycephalosauria. 

I am extremely skeptical of this.  The synapomorphies linking the
pachycephalosaurs to the ceratopsians to form the Marginocephalia are
fairly strong.  Unless one want to suggest all of the marginocephalia
are derived from heterodontosaurs, this pretty much requires rejecting
Olshevsky's suggestion.

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