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Re: Heterodontosaurs

> > Are there any other dinosaurs besides Heterodonts with
> > differentiated teeth?
>However, tyrannosaurids had slightly heterodont dentition, since their
>maxillary teeth are quite distinct from their premaxillary teeth,
>and the maxillary teeth tend to be larger towards the front.

Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree, but as I understand it, most
Ornithopods had a sort of differentiated teeth, at least in the sense that
they had "Chopping" teeth (or a sharp beak) at the front and "Grinding"
teeth at the back.

Also I seem to remember reading (I can never find these references when I
want them) that Heterodontosaurs' Canines were more Tusks used for fights
between competing males. It has also been suggested that some species of
Heterodontosaur without Canines are not seperate species, but females.

If any of this is nonsense, please correct me - I'm only an amateur!

James Shields/jshields@iol.ie
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